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We are here to make your ceremony all about you!

Your wedding ceremony is a reflection of you two, so take charge!

Your script should have PURPOSE + MEANING. It should reflect the two of you.

There are only a few legal sentences that need to be in the ceremony but the rest is totally up to the both of you!

This can seem scary or daunting to those who don’t know where to start – but think of it another way: what can represent your true relationship? What words can highlight the love of the two of you?

Our job is to create an individualised script which is personal and we are here with a thousand ideas. There are some things to kick about when dreaming up the most epic dream of your perfect day – what sort of style are the two of you after: long, short, traditional, contemporary, emotional, funny?

We absolutely get excited at the idea of writing and delivering your love story. This script is for YOU TWO. This is to be a statement as to why you are standing in front of each other and in front of your closest and dearest, dedicating yourselves to one another. This script is going to set the scene for the rest of your day! Let’s make this the most amazing start of the most beautiful day of your lives to together.

After we send you a draft, you can add anything in, take out or move things around.

If there is a special someone you want to be involved, have a think about a reading. Is there something that you two love? Maybe some lyrics from a meaningful song, a passage from your favourite TV show, movie or from a loved book or poetry?

You don’t need to stick with the traditional readings that have been used over and over again. Let’s find something that is totally you two!

The average length of a ceremony is about twenty minutes long – we have all of that time to work in what you two have in mind.

There is a structure to a ceremony that is generally used but of course, this is up to you to change it up if you want.


Procession – Traditionally where one walks towards the other down the aisle or you could walk down together!

Welcome – your love story is told here. You may have your officiant tell your backstory or have someone special come up and speak.

Readings – if you choose to have these.

Monitum – Celebrants legal wording

Exchange of Vows – your legal wording

Ring exchange – show off those amazing designs

Pronouncement – the official yay!

The Kiss – you have both been waiting to do this!

Signing of the Official Register

Final Words

The Recession – walking down the aisle!

We love emotion; we love love; we love seeing the two of you standing in front of everyone declaring yourselves to commit yourselves to each other.

This is going to one of the highlights of your lives and we are here to back you up all the way!

Because together, LoveWorx


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