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Let's Get Wedding Ready!

So exciting you’re getting married.

You will want to look your best authentic self, the best version of you!

And just like all your other wedding planning essentials- booking your

reception, picking your dress, choosing your celebrant, your beauty concerns need to be planned months ahead.

If you have good skin – keep doing what you’re doing.

No need to change a thing.

If your skin has dehydration, pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, wrinkles and loss of volume - we can help you!

Some treatments take time and commitment to achieve results you may be wishing for. These treatments need the 12 month.

Book a FREE consultation so your skin therapist or Cosmetic nurse can plan treatments for you and have you looking your best.

Getting closer towards your big day a month out you may like to schedule in bookings for a hydrating facial or skin brightening peels. Nothing too drastic. Help your skin stay hydrated, glowy and dewey.

If your wrinkles need relaxing, your antiwrinkle needs to be done. This gives your injector time to check the results and make changes if they need to prior to your day. We need that two-week leeway so that any top up has time to activate and work.

Any filler also needs to be treated a month before so that any bruising can heal and settle.

We pride ourselves in achieving natural results where you look the best version of you.

The week before our favourite treatment is Dermaplaning, Peel and LED healite therapy 830nm and/or:

Aquagold micro needling these treatments will give you that flawless, airbrush complexion.

Dermaplaning - We blade off the dead skin cells and vellus hair, apply the peel which removes any residual surface flakiness and then you go under the LED healite which boosts collagen, recharges the skin cells, energizes the skin, tightens the pores, takes away redness and gives you a nice tightening effect.

Aquagold micro needling –this treatment will give you firmer, smoother, luminous skin with no downtime. It is perfect for those with any acne scars, reducing their appearance, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. This treatment is a super skin booster, transforming the skin, providing you with a healthy, youthful glow.

Your skin should now be ready and your makeup artist will thank you for it as your canvas, your skin has been well prepared. Manicures and Pedicures and waxing your bits and bobs (if you haven’t had it lasered off) need to be scheduled in as well the week before.

Book in a fresh set of Lash extensions if you choose.

If you don’t currently have a skin therapist or Cosmetic Nurse, we can help you plan and prepare for your beautiful day.

Nurse Jodie xx


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